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in this online catalog are subject to CHANGE!

Product Representation

Product as depicted in this catalogue are representations only.

As we receive our new and used fixtures, hardware and displays from a variety of suppliers with the goal of achieving the best quality at the lowest price, there may be some variation from what is depicted in our catalogue.


Felt Pads - Ring, Necklace & Bracelet Displays - Locking Boxes - More!

Jewelry Displays

All Items NEW

A: $10

B: $12

C: $15

D: $20


All Items NEW

E: $25

F: $15


All Items NEW

G: $4

H: N/A

I: $3

J: $3

K: $6

L: $15


All Items NEW

M: $15

N: $25

O: $15

P: $10


All Items NEW

Q: $10

R: $5

S: $5

T: $3


All Items NEW

U: $15

V: $15


All Items NEW

W: $15



All Items NEW

X: $4

Y: $4

Z: $4


All Items NEW

AA: $10

BB: $10

CC: $10


All Items NEW

DD: $3

EE: $3

FF: $3

GG: $3


AllItems NEW

HH: $30


All Items NEW

II: $25



All Items NEW

JJ: $15


All Items NEW

KK: $10


All Items NEW

LL: $10